AnyDesk Continues Partnership with Remstar Management and Duqueine Family in World Endurance Championship

March 3, 2024
AnyDesk Continues Partnership with Remstar Management and Duqueine Family in World Endurance Championship

Toronto, March 2nd, 2024 - AnyDesk, a leading provider of remote desktop software facilitating exceptional connectivity for multinational firms, is pleased to announce its continued partnership with Remstar Management and the Duqueine family as they compete in the upcoming World Endurance Championship (WEC) with the new Isotta Fraschini Hypercar.

Since January 2022, AnyDesk has forged a robust and fruitful relationship with Remstar Management, solidifying a strong bond over the years. This enduring partnership has enabled seamless collaboration and operational efficiency, embodying the spirit of innovation and progress.

Remstar Management, a stalwart partner of Duqueine since October 2021, has a longstanding history of successful cooperation, including key ventures such as their collaboration in the 2023 24 Hours of Le Mans and multiple entries of the Duqueine D08 LMP3 in North America. The synergy between Remstar Management and Duqueine has consistently delivered remarkable performances and set new benchmarks in motorsport.

In line with this legacy of collaboration, AnyDesk is proud to join forces once again with Remstar Management and Duqueine, this time at the apex of motorsport competition. By leveraging its cutting-edge remote desktop solutions, AnyDesk aims to provide unparalleled support for the team's endeavors in the World Endurance Championship.

This collaboration goes beyond conventional partnerships; it is instead fusing two core ideals: passion and speed. Whether it is the fastest remote access software, the lightning-fast pit stops, or blitz-like pace of the car; together, those two ideals expose the collective basis of being built for speed.

The introduction of the new Isotta Fraschini Hypercar marks an exciting chapter in the partnership, further amplifying the potential for success and innovation on the racetrack. As both Remstar Management and Duqueine stand at the forefront of excellence in motorsport, AnyDesk is committed to empowering their efforts with seamless connectivity and technical prowess.

With the 2024 World Endurance Championship on the horizon, the collective expertise and dedication of AnyDesk, Remstar Management, and the Duqueine family are poised to elevate performance standards and demonstrate the pinnacle of teamwork and technological advancement in motorsport.

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